Technical information

Find out everything technical from slip resistance to fire ratings

Standard Range Technical data sheet

ESD Range Technical data sheet

Static Technical data sheet

Design Tile Range Technical data sheet

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R-Tile Domestic & Commercial Floor Tiles

R-Tile Domestic & Commercial Floor Tiles-Can be loose laid in areas with:No wheeled trafficConstant ambient temperature.
-Must be adhered in areas where:
-Exposed to great variations in temperature
-Exposed to direct sunlight.
-Failure to follow these instructions may invalidate your warranty.

Wear Guarantee & Warranty

R-Tile product range has the following wear guarantee subject to a warranty which is available upon application.

R-Tek Flooring Range Term Of Warranty
R-Tile 5mm
R-Tile 7mm
R-Tile 9mm
12 Years
Design Tile 8 Years