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R-Tek Manufacturing Flooring Tiles: Sustainable and Environmentally Conscience.

Every single tile is produced with precision, care and respect for the environment. Using recycled materials that maintain quality, sustainability and stability, R-Tek Manufacturing offers efficiently generated tile solutions. With various cycles of reuse, our leading methodology means raw materials we use will always serve the purpose with efficiency and with the earth in mind. Reduce your carbon foot print and step into the future with the number one industrial and commercial flooring tile in today’s age. Our powerful manufacturing tools, technology, facilities and team of experts will always consider your safety and that of Mother Nature, hand in hand for a truly innovative solution.

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Easy Cleaning & Maintenance: No Heavy Duty Equipment or Products Required

Our customers are our top priority when it comes to the development and maintenance of our industrial standard flooring tiles, generated with expertise and consideration of your needs. Forget hassles of serious cleaning, supplies or heavy-duty equipment, and welcome a remarkable user experience with expert engineered materials. Our cutting-edge machinery empowers our customers with easy control of hygiene, sterility and quick dust removal. Our interlocking flooring tiles provide optimal satisfaction, so grime and dirt become a thing of the past, and a new level of clean is all yours with the R Tile.

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Maximize Time and Productivity: Quick Installation of Our Commercial and Industrial Flooring Tiles

A core element of the R-Tek Manufacturing mission is to maintain excellence in the production and provision of revolutionary tiles and solutions with genuinely crucial benefits for businesses and homes. Why shouldn’t flooring tile installation be simple and straightforward to maximize productivity and time? We think so, and that’s why R-Tek Manufacturing always meets and exceeds expectations of individuals and companies looking for easy cleaning and optimal hygiene. Our simple interlocking floor system blended with sophisticated engineering means zero to minimal downtime for businesses, and less headaches and cleanups at home. Not only can R-Tek tiles be installed in an incredibly short time of just a few hours, but our product also provides great ROI on maintenance expenses, so every minute is a minute gained and every penny spent wisely.

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Style & Colour: Stunning Look and Feel

We know that research and knowledge with a terrific team work can deliver an outstanding final product. The R-Tek Manufacturing team of experts has developed a methodology and approach to meeting customers’ needs. We offer for a vast range of design options that go hand in hand with practical durability, sustainability and simply outstanding quality flooring tiles. Versatile, easy to mix and match for everything from a chic, to retro and classic look, your R-Tek tiles are hand crafted by our team for extensive lifetime value and style. From our collection of colours, textures, finishes and design edition, we have everything a residential, commercial or industrial space needs to enjoy the advantages of top quality solution.

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Quick and easy install of the R-Tile flooring solution 

Did We Mention Simple, Speedy Installation? R-Tek interlocking tiles: Easy Integration and Endless Benefits in any Space.

No worries, no stress, no prep and no time are ever wasted on tedious preparation or installation of our premium industrial and commercial floor tiles. With all the benefits of minimal effort and easily installed flooring tiles, R-Tek Manufacturing’s systematic ingenuity relieves any extra headaches that other flooring solutions demand. We prioritise your needs, time and resources to provide the best interlocking tile solution today.

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