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The R-Tile industrial floor tile collection is an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial environments, including warehouses, factories, and more. These tiles are designed to withstand the heavy foot and vehicle traffic commonly found in these settings. They are perfect for areas where fork trucks, pallet trucks, and stillages are in constant use.

Manufactured in the UK using high-quality PVC, our industrial flooring solutions are built to last, offering robust and hard-wearing options that are both cost-effective and easy to maintain. The industrial floor tiles feature excellent anti-slip, anti-fatigue, and impact resistance properties, ensuring the safety and comfort of those working in the area.

Our industrial floor tiles require minimal upkeep and offer excellent anti-slip, anti-fatigue and impact-resistance solutions. These features make our industrial flooring the perfect choice for industrial environments where safety and comfort are of the utmost importance. The anti-slip properties of our industrial floor tiles ensure that workers and visitors can safely navigate the space, even in wet or oily conditions. The anti-fatigue properties provide added comfort for workers who spend long hours on their feet, reducing the risk of injury and fatigue.

Why choose industrial floor tiles?

Our industrial flooring tiles are designed with a unique, robust and superior dovetail interlocking join that ensures quick and easy installation. This innovative join system allows for a virtually seamless floor when installed, creating a smooth, professional look for your industrial space. The dovetail join also increases the strength and durability of the industrial flooring, making it more resistant to heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

R-Tek’s industrial flooring products are perfect for covering uneven, damp, and dusty subfloors with minimal preparation. Our industrial floor tiles provide a safe, durable, and cost-effective option for any business in need of a high-quality industrial flooring solution. Whether you own a warehouse, factory, or other industrial property, interlocking floor tiles are a must-have. These flooring solutions are designed to handle heavy foot and vehicle traffic, ensuring that your subfloor is protected from damage and that your workers and visitors are safe.

Easy to install

Lower life cycle cost

Reduces dust and noise

Easy to clean and maintain

Save Time

CE accredited

No damp proof membrane, screed or adhesives required

Environmentally sustainable

Excellent durability and slip resistance

Reduces fatigue

Warm – insulates the industrial floor

Choice of 10 colours

Industrial Flooring Applications

Check out our install and application gallery to give you an idea of the look and ability of our range for your next flooring project.

Uses For Industrial Floor Tiles

Warehouses – Warehouses are an important space to ensure high safety and durability due to the high volume of goods which pass through them

Factories – Whether your company produces concrete, toys or sporting goods, a highly durable floor is a must

Garages – Our range of heavy-duty industrial floor tiles is the perfect flooring solution for commercial or residential garages

Commercial Premises – Our floor tiles offer excellent anti slip properties making them a safe and ideal flooring solution for busy retail environments, with high traffic footfall

Manufacturing Plants – Industrial flooring tiles are also the most suitable selection for manufacturing plants. Due to the design’s ability to withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic, these tiles provide added safety features and require minimal maintenance.

Weight & vehicle load information

This video showcases the various thickness of the Tile and what weight and vehicles they can handle in tough industrial working environments.  R-Tek Manufacturing have over 20 years of experience in the industrial flooring industry and can tailor a bespoke industrial floor tile solution for you.

R-Tile Installation

Check out the R-Tile installation video that covers everything from the tools required to ensuring the interlocking is done correctly. For more information on how to install our industrial flooring solutions, contact us now.

R-Tek Industrial Floor Tile Features

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