ESD Flooring from R-Tek

Heavy duty flooring

Anti-Static & ESD Flooring

Conductive and dissipative our ESD flooring is available for all sectors of industry.

The R-Tile anti-static floor tiles are static dissipative or conductive flooring designed for the use in areas where components or individuals need to be protected from the risk of anti-static charge.

The R-Tile ESD interlocking floor tiles are manufactured using an injection moulding process guaranteeing a permanent ESD performance and used in accordance with an earthing kit and conductive matrix will create a safe conductive floor that can be used as your primary ground.

What is ESD Flooring?

ESD is the acronym used for ‘Electrostatic Discharge’, and is the action of static being created by movement and then touching another object to release the discharge.

It can be created by people or any moving equipment such as trolleys, conveyors, heavy equipment moving across a warehouse floor and charged insulators like plastic. Find out more about what ESD flooring is.

Easy to install

Lower life cycle cost

Reduces dust and noise

Easy to clean and maintain

Save Time

CE accredited

No damp proof membrane, screed or adhesives required

Environmentally sustainable

Excellent durability and slip resistance

Reduces fatigue

Warm – insulates the industrial floor

Choice of 10 colours

Design your ESD flooring project space to your needs.

Our ESD flooring experts will look at the finer details of your project to ensure all the demands required of your floor are met. With so many aspects to keep in mind it isn’t as easy as the nicest colour anymore. Commercial flooring has gone to another level with health and safety requirements. Points such as chemicals being used, and machinery must be taken into account. One of the final and most important points we look at is branding and colour scheme, our commercial flooring has been used to mark out areas in a space as well as matching in brand colours to keep a cohesion in the work space. 

Technical Support

From start to finish our staff will work with our customers to ensure their experience is a positive reflection of our company and flooring products. Our staff will help with any specialist questions that include everything from what cleaning programs to weight use and slip ratings.  

Case Studies

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